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The Centre for Studies in International Relations and Development (CSIRD) is a non-profit think-tank in Kolkata working on policy-related issues in international economic relations and development cooperation. The CSIRD was established in November 2004 as a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in the State of West Bengal, India. It has made a mark by the originality in the choice of subjects, the depth and span of analysis, and its considered views on what more and what else could be done on crucial issues. It is one of the leading centres in eastern India to have exclusively focused on South, South East and East Asia. CSIRD has set its sights at becoming a focal institution for research on policy issues related to globalization, regional cooperation, trade and development, and is committed to doing all this and much else from a distinctive perspective partly inspired from its location in an area that in a way is, and going to be, a hotspot of world affairs. We in CSIRD believe that every development has a human side – and that makes our approach stand out from that of others. CSIRD is a network organization involved in addressing issues of multilateral, regional, bilateral and national concern to our society. CSIRD has a full-time director, supported by a team of research scholars and consultants and is expanding and engaging with leading national and international agencies and institutions for collaborative research.

CSIRD acts as the secretariat to the only civilian initiative between India and China namely Kolkata to Kunming Forum (K2K Forum) that began in 2002 and aims at facilitating economic and cultural interaction between Eastern and Northeastern India and Southwest China. The K2K Forum, is the only Track -II sub-regional initiative between India and China. This Annual Forum is held once a year – alternatively in Kunming (Yunnan province, China) and Kolkata (Reports can be accessed at http://www.csird.org.in/rep/rep_11k2k.pdf http://www.csird.org.in/rep/9th%20K2K%20Report.pdf )

CSIRD has a regular academic commitment in research and publication on The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC), and has been managing a network of Think Tanks of the BIMSTEC countries namely BIMSTEC Network of Think Tanks (BNTT) since 2005. Recently CSIRD organized an international conference entitled “BIMSTEC at 20: Agenda for 2017 and Beyond” on 28-29 March 2016 at The Park, Kolkata. (Reports can be accessed at: http://www.csird.org.in/bim/Report.pdf http://www.csird.org.in/rep/reportvvs3.pdf).

Objectives include: promoting international relations and development cooperation
through policy dialogues and interaction with civil society, providing a holistic perspective to public policies of mutual concern across the world by drawing on the enormous wealth of civil society, promoting equity between, and among, the developed and developing countries.

To attain these objectives, CSIRD arranges series of well-conducted research programmes; holds national and international conferences, organizes symposiums, workshops, lectures and seminars. It publishes research findings in the form of occasional discussion papers, books, monographs and journals. CSIRD works in close association with governmental agencies, public and private bodies, and with Universities, Institutes and Research Centres for exchange of information and in the preparation of the studies in specific subjects.

Priorities include: Research, policy analysis, training and advocacy , institutional capacity building , knowledge and information sharing through publications, workshops, seminars, and conferences

Its functional areas are many and varied, the more important among them are: International Security and Strategic Environment, International trade, investment and cooperation, globalization and the related socio-economic issues, traditional and non-traditional security issues, regional cooperation and tegional Integration and sub-regional engagement

CSIRD endeavours to disseminate its findings and the highlights of open conferences among a large audience both in India and abroad through publications and distribution of monographs and books , research papers, discussion papers, briefing papers, policy briefs and reports.

CSIRD has a distinguished human resources pool comprising of a team of experienced research and program staff drawn from various disciplines, a regular networking with international and national organizations, an advisory board comprising eminent persons with diverse back-grounds, in-house databank and high-end statistical and econometric software, in-house editorial and desk-top publishing expertise.