Venezuelan Crisis and US-Russian Involvement by: DEBDOOT BASU RAY

Debdoot Basu Ray in his paper “Venezuelan Crisis and US-Russian Involvement” shows how the Venezuelan Presidential crisis in 2018 opened multiple avenues for the world powers to actively participate and struggle for power in Latin America. He delves into the history of the region and asserts that foreign powers had their presence in Venezuela for quite some time. He analyses certain factors and seeks to understand the international impact this Latin American nation is having on the world. He argues that the world is once again witnessing a major divide between pro-democracy capitalist powers such as the US and the UK on the one hand and the socialist semi-liberal economies such as China and Russia on the other. Neutral powers such as India is also advocating a major role of not allowing ideologies to gain an upper hand in the conflict and allow for re elections to take place again under proper and democratic mechanisms.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in the papers are of the authors. They no way represent the views of CSIRD.

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