Nearly seven decades after independence and Partition, Pakistan remains India’s biggest foreign policy challenge with a festering dispute over the divided territory of Kashmir. Moreover China has long-standing strategic ties with Pakistan, dating back five decades which deepened significantly during the period of Sino-Indian hostility from 1962 to the late 1980s. Arav in his paper argues that the Chinese policy toward Pakistan is driven primarily by its interest in countering Indian power in the region and diverting Indian military force and strategic attention away from China.  The China-Pakistan partnership serves both Chinese and Pakistani interests by presenting India with a potential two-front theatre in the event of war with either country. He brings in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor issue, the Digital jihad in Kashmir, propaganda mechanism of Pakistan and the battle of narratives between the two sides to show the complexities of this triangular complex. By way of conclusion, Arav argues that India must have self-confidence in its destiny, work purposefully to build the required institutional structures and public support to sustain its ambitions and forge ahead and transform its potential into the reality of a strong, prosperous and globally influential country.

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