The Quest for Middle Eastern Supremacy by: Arka Sen Chakraborty

The Middle East or West Asia is widely referred to as the Cradle of Civilization as some of the world’s first civilizations i.e. Mesopotamia, Egypt and Kish all originated in the Nile Valley or the Fertile Crescent region.  The region was first officially unified during the Neo-Assyrian Empire and united spiritually when the Islamic caliphates of the Middle Ages invaded in the 7th century as part of their Islamic conquest. During the early 20th century, the modern Middle East was formed as the Ottoman Empire collapsed at the hands of the British. In the contemporary period,  the Middle East has been identified as a very profitable region, not the least due to its incredible wealth of energy resources as it had 60% of the world’s oil reserves and 30 % of the world’s gas reserves. Now the region finds itself amidst incredible change with Iran and Saudi Arabia being the most important regional players with its specific foreign policy objectives While analysing the history and politics of the region, Arka Sen Chakraborty in his paper looks into  the motives for each party in the quest for supremacy in the region . He argues that while the superficial motive is religious and Saudi Arabia considers Iran to be an existential threat.with Shia-Sunni conflict playing a big part but according to him,  there is one simple motive of both parties which is the naked ambition of survival and nothing else.

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