Analyzing the Maritime Affairs of India and Sri Lanka in the changing Indian Ocean Region and the Indo Pacific by: Sagnik Chakravarty

In the 21st century, the complexities and vastness of the Indo-Pacific provide space for 
multiple actors to discover their own power, forge new partnership and observe or deflect 
China’s influence. Some scholars have termed this multipolarity in the Indo-Pacific as a 
stable approach to world politics and others argue that in the long run only bipolarity can 
bring a true balance of power to prevent potential aggression. In his paper, Sagnik 
Chakravarty analyses the maritime affairs of India and Sri Lanka in this changing Indian 
Ocean Region and the Indo Pacific scenario. He argues that maritime affairs, security and 
associated foreign policy changes, new alliances have made Indo Pacific a very interesting arena for the practitioners of International Relations at large. In the current scenario, multipolarity brings in confidence and hope for countries including those that long-valued American leadership or were suppressed by Chinese domination. In this context he studies the maritime policies of India and Sri Lanka -from port deals, to policy plans to multilateral pacts and tries to find out what could possibly be their upcoming strategies for a post COVID, ever fluctuating Indo-Pacific region.

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