India as a Regional Power in the BIMSTEC and the Indo-Pacific Region: by Atish Biswas

In his paper on “India as a Regional Power in the BIMSTEC and the Indo-Pacific Region” Atish Biswas argues that  several factors have been attributed to India’s rise in recent years- its rapidly growing economy, demography, advancement in science and technology, large military force and its strategic location with a huge potential for trans-oceanic commerce. He adds that India’s role as regional power  in the Indo-Pacific Region is gaining considerable importance and  in recent years India has shifted its focus from the SAARC and  turned towards the BIMSTEC, which consists of four SAARC members and two ASEAN Members . His paper analyses India’s rise as a regional power in the BIMSTEC and the Indo- Pacific region with a special focus on trade and investment (an area of crucial importance) and transport and communication (an area where India is the lead country).


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