The Price of Libyan Democracy: Under the Gaddafi Regime and Thereafter: by Ayush S Shankar

CSIRD is happy to launch the publication of its Annual High School Internship Programme Papers. Ayush S Shankar’s paper (AHSIP Paper Series, No. 2) questions western intervention and democracy promotion in Libya by drawing attention to  the current state of the country which is  experiencing the agony of a defunct economy, a fragmented authority  and competing political claims to power ever since the overthrow of Gaddafi. Plagued by incessant conflict, a continuing loss of the Libyan way of life and a complete absence of normalcy, Libya today is far from a desirous state. He draws an extensive comparison of the country and its status during the Gaddafi regime and thereafter and questions the role of the western world and NATO countries in the regime change of 2011. By way of conclusion, he questions the ramifications and perceived universal feasibility of western imported democracy through the Libyan case.


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Disclaimer: The views expressed in the papers are of the authors. They no way represent the views of CSIRD.

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