A Critical Analysis of Global Healthcare from a SocioEconomic Perspective: by Mohan Rajagopal

CSIRD is happy to launch the publication of its Annual High School Internship Programme Papers. This AHSIP paper by Mohan Rajagopal entitled “A Critical Analysis of Global Healthcare from a Socio-Economic Perspective”introspects how  healthcare systems pose interesting economic as well as social perspectives, as they operate outside the standard model of economics controlled by the forces of supply and demand. He studies the health care systems of 8 nations: Canada, India, Netherlands, Sierra Leone, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, to display a vast variety in terms of economic development, quality of healthcare provided, as well as the forms of the insurance offered. He opines that it is through an analysis of these case studies on different parameters that the best route for  improvements in the healthcare systems can  be determined.
Enjoy reading…
Disclaimer: The views expressed in the papers are of the authors. They no way represent the views of CSIRD.

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