Revival of India’s Relationship with Central Asian States by: SAGNIK SARKAR

This Paper primarily focuses on the revival of India’s relationship with Central Asia, a region with immense Energy resources, but a place which was faraway from India’s reach until ties developed between India and the region most recently. After a brief introduction about Central Asia, this paper goes on to give details regarding the various qualities this region possesses to become economically flourishing. It emphasizes on the Lucrative nature of this region that promotes Foreign Direct Investments. Indeed, every nation has its eyes on this region because of its prospects, thus making it a geopolitical hotspot.

Further on, this paper focuses on how Central Asia can be extremely helpful to India both on the basis of its Economic and Energy needs. Lastly, this paper provides accounts of India’s bilateral relations with some of the Central Asian states, focusing on both the past and the recent developments that have taken place to strengthen bilateral relationships between India and the Central Asian states. Central Asia, being an energy stockpile, can thus be extremely helpful to meet India’s needs and develop India as a country in the coming years.

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